About Michael Bigger

Michael Bigger is an investor and a trader who has been involved with trading technologies for more than twenty years. In 1992, Michael joined Citibank as head trader of U.S. single-stock derivatives, where he managed a $5 billion portfolio of equity derivatives. In 1998, he joined D.E. Shaw & Co., L.P. to trade the U.S. equity derivatives portfolio.

In 2000, he started the listed equity options business by establishing KBC Financial Products as one of the three initial market-makers of the International Securities Exchange. He built that business into the primary market-maker for listed equity options on over 120 companies, with fifteen traders executing thousands of trades per day. In December 2001, Michael left KBC to start his trading firm Bigger Capital. The company just completed a software application to extract investment information from social media and has incorporated this information in its trading algorithm.

Michael received a BS in Physics from the University of Quebec in Montréal in 1986 and an MBA from York University in Toronto in 1991.

From 1986 to 1990, Michael worked as a meteorologist for the Canadian government, where his responsibilities included using complex differential mathematics to forecast synoptic and mesoscale atmospheric elements for meteorological research and forecasting.

As a private investor in start-up companies, Michael was among a group of investors who sold Innovative Fibers to Alcatel for $175 million in July 2000.

Michael authored In Praise of Speculation!.

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