What Types Of Guns Do You Need In Your Arsenal?

When building your survival arsenal, even when it’s an arsenal on a tight budget, there are two words that I want you to keep in mind: ‘quality’ and ‘versatility.’

Gun Rifle

Why am I ask you to remember these two words? The reason is because very gun you have in your survival arsenal needs to be a well-made and quality firearm that won’t let you down, and it also needs to be versatile in that your select firearms that fulfill multiple purposes. This way, your arsenal can be the very best it can be.

What I want to do in this chapter is to go over some specific types of guns that you should consider including in your arsenal. Does your arsenal absolutely need to have each and every one of these guns? No, but it is preferable that you have as many of them as you can.

Here are the basic types of guns that you strongly need to consider including in your arsenal:

.22 Semi-Automatic Rifle

No gun collection is complete without a .22 semi-automatic rifle, even the smallest of gun collections. The .22 rifle is simply one of the most ubiquitous and versatile types of rifles there are. The reason for this is because there is simply very little that it can’t do. It’s not the best personal defense round by any means, and it’s not a suitable round for hunting large game either. Think to integrate your rifle with best bipod for AR 15 to get a more stable system during the shot.

That being said, there are still many reasons to own a .22 rifle. Let’s go over a few of them here:

  • You Can Stockpile Lots Of .22

The very fact that .22 LR is so light and small mean you can stockpile tons of it (literally). For example, in the same box that you could store 50 rounds of pistol ammo or 20 rounds of center fire rifle ammo, you could store literally hundreds of rounds of .22 LR without any real increase in weight.

  • Low Noise and Recoil

The .22 has substantially less noise and recoil in comparison to other calibers. This makes it an excellent round to introduce new shooters to or even just for target shooting on your own for fun.

  • Small Game Hunting

The .22 is a superb round for hunting virtually any kind of small game you can think of, from squirrels to rabbits to birds to raccoons and more.

  • General Homestead Use

The .22 rifle is also just a great rifle to have around the homestead. You can use it for vermin control or for taking a break from anything you’re working on to do some plinking.


Many people believe that a shotgun in 12 or 20 Gauge is the single most important firearm that you can own. Do I agree with that? Not necessarily, since you can’t conceal a shotgun on your person like you can a handgun. That being said, I do acknowledge that the shotgun is a highly versatile weapon and that no gun collection is complete without one.

Let’s go over three reasons why:

  • Home Defense

When loaded with buckshot rounds, the shotgun is a devastating close range weapon for home defense. There will be few weapons in your arsenal with as much stopping power as a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot rounds up close. Pick up some best edc knife for defense is a good idea for anyone want to have a quick solution.

  • Bird/Waterfowl Hunting

Swap out your buckshot loads for birdshot, and your shotgun has been transformed into an excellent waterfowl or bird hunting weapon.

  • Big Game Hunting

Now swap out your birdshot loads for single round slugs, and just like that you have a weapon that could be used for big game hunting such as deer. Granted, you have to get at closer range than you would a center fire rifle, but it will still work very well.


Previously I mentioned that I think a handgun is the most important weapon to own because you can conceal it. There will be certain situations where you don’t want people to know what you have a gun on you, and a handgun is simply easier to conceal than a shotgun or a rifle.

Besides, another benefit to owning a pistol is that you can always have it with you strapped to

your side. In a disaster scenario, are you really going to walk around with a rifle or a shotgun slung across your back all the time? Probably not. You may have it leaning against a wall where you can access it quickly, but you’re not going to have it actually on your person.

In contrast to this, you can have a pistol on your person at all times. When danger happens when you least expect, all you have to do is draw your pistol and you’re ready to defend yourself.

You don’t have to waste precious seconds trying to access your shotgun or rifle. This holds true regardless of whether you own a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver.

Now as far as specific handguns are concerned, I feel that a 9111111 semi-automatic is the most important to own. Semi-automatics simply offer you more round count and faster reloading times than revolvers do. The reason I recommend 9mm as well is because it’s cheaper and more plentiful than other pistol rounds such as .40 S&W or .45 ACP, and since this whole book is about how you can build an arsenal on a budget, 9111111 should be the round that you choose.

Therefore, a 9111111 semi-automatic pistol should be the handgun that you have in your arsenal.

Defensive Rifle

A center fire rifle used for the purposes of defense is another very important firearm to own in your collection. The best choice here will be a semi- automatic, such as the AR-15, Ruger Mini-14,01′ th


While some people don’t think of a military style semi-automatic rifle when they think of defense in general, there are several reasons why a semi-automatic rifle is an excellent defensive weapon:

  • More Bullets Against Multiple

Attackers Semi-automatic rifles can hold twenty to thirty rounds in the magazine on average, which simply means that you’re going to have to do less reloading to do. This makes it a good choice for defending Semi-automatic rifles can hold twenty to thirty rounds in the magazine 011 average, which simply means that you’re going to have to do less reloading to do. This makes it a good choice for defending your lióme, property, or family against multiple attackers.

  • Better Stopping Power Than A Pistol

Pistols calibers are simply underpowered in comparison to rifle rounds. The 5.56x45mm or 7.62x39mm round coming out of your rifle barrel is going to offer greater velocity and penetration than your 9111111 or .45 ACP round coming out of your pistol.

  • Less Recoil Than A Shotgun

While shotguns have excellent stopping power, they also deliver much greater recoil than a defensive rifle will. This means you can fire off more follow up shots with your rifle than your pistol.

  • More Range Than A Pistol Or A Shotgun

Finally, a rifle offers you greater range than a pistol or a shotgun, which will be a major advantage to you if you’re trying to defend your property.

All in all, I think a semi-automatic is the best platform to choose for a defensive platform. That being said, you can use bolt actions or lever actions for defensive use if you have to as well.

The lever action in particular could be applied veiy effectively to defensive use as you can fire and reload it faster than the bolt-action. Next I want to talk about the importance of having a hunting rifle in your collection as well, and I’ll discuss more closely about how the lever action could potentially fulfill both the defensive and hunting roles.

Hunting Rifle

Finally, I also recommend that you own a hunting rifle that is capable of bringing down big game and tapping targets at longer distances than your defensive rifle can.

You have three main options here for a hunting rifle: lever action, bolt action, or semi-automatic. Semi-automatics such as the AR-10, FAL, or MiA tend to be very expensive, which means they aren’t suitable choices for those looking to build an arsenal on a budget.

Therefore, I would suggest that you take a look at either lever action or bolt action rifles for hunting use. If you opt for the bolt action, the two calibers I most highly recommend are .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield. Both are very plentiful and will drop nearly any kind of big game in the United States, and recoil is more moderate in comparison to heavier rounds such as .300 Win Mag or .338 Win Mag.

For a lever action, I would suggest the .30-30 Winchester. It is lighter than .308 and .30-06, but it’s still more than capable of bringing down deer or wild boars.

As I mentioned earlier, a .30-30 lever action rifle could be used for both defensive and hunting use. No, it doesn’t have quite the power of a bolt action rifle firing .308 or .30-06 does, nor does it offer the same capacity or rate of fire as an AR-15 or


Nonetheless, lever actions still hold a few more rounds than bolt actions do, and you can generally fire and reload them faster as well. They also tend to be less expensive than semi-automatics like the AR or AK. If you’re on a serious budget and are looking for a rifle that could be used for both purposes, I would not be opposed to looking at a lever action model.

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