Types of the band saw blade and general rules for usage

The band saw blade is one of the main parts of the band saw and it has the most important influence on machining workpieces. Depending on your job’s requirements, you can choose different types of blades. There are four main types with particular tooth patterns: regular tooth, hook tooth, skip-tooth and wavy-set. Now, I will explain clearly about these kinds of saw blades.


Regular tooth

The regular tooth consists of straight faced tooth with deep gullets. It is used for general metal cutting.

Hook tooth

The hook tooth saw blade is created with widely spaced teeth and deep gullets, it is used to cut some soft materials such as plastics, non-ferrous metals, and hardwoods.

Skip tooth

The skip-tooth, with wide set teeth, often breaks up the chips. It is suitable for cutting soft non-ferrous metals namely aluminum, copper, zinc.


When using to cut some kinds of metals such as ferrous metals, you should choose a wavy-set blade.  The wavy-set has tooth which are set in groups with increasing to left and right. It is generally used for cutting difficult cutting shapes such as sheets, tubes, pipes and small shapes.


Even for the best band saw, there are some rules you need to follow to have the best effectiveness and works safely.

  1. Before cutting, you need to check that the band saw blade is properly sharpened and the blade damaged or not when it is overheating. The saw blade is purple color after cooling.
  2. The band saw blade must be properly straightened. Remember that do not straighten the blade too much because this can cause disruption of the blade.
  3. The guidance of blade and guiding wheels must be clean from chips. The distance between the top guidance and the workpieces should be as possible so that the blade achieves maximum stability when cutting.
  4. When cutting the workpieces, you should hold the cutting material with both hands. Do not use extra force on the blade.
  5. After starting, ensure that the proper cutting speed is achieved. Do not shorten or slow down the cutting cycle by friction of the blade.
  6. While cutting big dimensions, it is important to use a fixed clamp. Put materials in the band saw carefully.
  7. It is necessary to replace the band saw blade and regular maintenance (even if not dull). A new saw blade need to fit for your machine.
  8. Do not let the band saw to heat up exceeding the permitted level. If this happens, stop cutting the blade immediately and after cooling the saw blade and sharpen it again. You can also check the straightness to prevent heating from the blade.
  9. Replace or adjust the band saw blade if it is broken or cracked.
  10. After finishing cutting process, do not keep the band saw blade straightened, need to loosen it.
  11. During cutting process, the saw blade must be cooled immediately after machining materials.
  12. Use suitable coolants for the machine with the appropriate rate.

Here is basic information about the blades and some best tips for usage. Besides, you can also check more extra details in the band saw reviews. I hope that they are useful for you in using the band saw.

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