You know what a Robotic Pool Cleaner is?

Robotic pool cleaners are become popular in our life to help us clean our pool easily and effectively. They are low-voltage, self-directed automatic pool vacuums that clean the floor, steps and walls of a residential, public swimming pool. There are some famous brands in market such as: Dolphin, Aquabot, Maytronics,…

To make the pool cleaner work, we will connect a transformer to a standard wall outlet and a 30 to 100 foot-long power cord then connects the transformer to the best pool cleaner.

Best pool cleaners are safe to operate.

They are totally safe so don’t worry you will be dangerous when using. Even though the transformer runs up to 110 or 220 colts AC, it drops the voltage down to a much safer 24 volts DC to power the unit. That is how they safe when operate.

How Robotic pool cleaner work?

Robotic pool cleaners work based on using two electric motors: a drive motor which moves the unit around the pool. Some cases, we will use a jest drive in place of wheels which are driven by an electric motor. And a water pump which using to sucks dirt into the device’s filter.

Nowadays, there are many robotic pool cleaners are automatically and computer-controlled using the most efficient path to clean your pool’s special surfaces. You will surprise about their performance. You will see how efficiently they work. It will help you save money spend on chemicals and energy compared to less smart units which rely on your pump’s circulation system.

Moreover, some robotic pool provide a remote control which you can use to drive the system from a far distance such as where you seat, very useful and convenient.

Save energy and cost for maintenance.

Compared the normal pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners are not connected to the pool’s water pump, different from a pressure or suction-based cleaner  so there are not additional back pressure on the pool’s system. It will help you avoid using a booster pump or install new plumbing, which saves a lot of cost.

Robotic pool cleaners help Save energy and cost for maintenance.

1. Contact Adhesive Drive

The rubber tracks on Robotic Pool cleaners which have a big sticky contact patch on them, these will adhere to vertical pool surfaces better than plastic tracks and wheels. This design minimizes slippage on horizontal surface so it will save time on cleaning with this robotic pool cleaners.

2. Intelligent Navigation

Surely when your pool cleaners using intelligent navigation software to control the route, you will save time to clean and reduce energy consumption also.

3. Variable Timer

You will control the working time for the pool cleaners by setting up a variable timer. Your pool cleaner will only turn on when needed. This feature will help triple your energy efficiency.

Great filtration

We can see a robotic pool cleaner work as an excellent pool filter which is easy to clean. pool filter that’s easy to clean.  With a mesh down to 2 microns which is not common for a filters, these robotic pool cleaner can clean even the finest particles.

Beside there are other advantages we can consider buying a best robotic pool cleaner . List 10 great features make us want to buy a robotic pool cleaner can be listed as below:

  1. Save energy and running costs
  2. Excellent efficient cleaning
  3. Extremely simple installation
  4. Maintenance-friendly
  5. Lower chemical usage
  6. Not much noisy when working
  7. No pump upgrade needed
  8. Simple in using, just drop it in water and do the other things
  9. Can climb and scrub walls
  10. Great product warranties

There are a lot of reasons make you want to get one immediately. With Robotic pool cleaners, you will don’t need to worry about cleaning your pool. When you really understand what is robotic pool cleaners and how they work, you will feel how useful they are. That’s the reason why they are more and more become popular in our vital applicants system.

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